Terms and Conditions


Orponbd.global is meant to facilitate you to shop online and get your products delivered from AliExpress.com. We place the order at AliExpress on your behalf as we are intermediaries and not the direct sellers. Hence, we defiantly have to go with the Rules and Terms of services defined by AliExpress.com. We highly suggest you to first go through their Terms of services before contacting us.

1. Before You Order:

1.1. According to our country’s rules of import, there might be some products that cannot be imported or banned, such products will not get clearance by custom. Hence, we recommend not to order such products. We also suggest our users to learn about what is ban in our country over the internet. At the same moment, to help our people we are mentioning some of the products here that customers should not order.You can check the list of what you can order online. Below is the list of some products that we recommend you not to order online through us.

  • Walkie-Talkie Set
  • Drone
  • Knife
  • Seeds
  • Electric Cigarette/Vape
  • Battery, power bank
  • Heavyweight product
  • Sexual products etc.

If you place order for sexual products, you will not be given any refund as we will not receive any refund from AliExpress for this.

In case you place an order of a product that your country does not allow to import then we will not be responsible for the clearance of that product.

1.2. You can have refund which is approved by AliExpress. Otherwise, you won't receive any refund.

1.3. Before placing the order we take full payment at a time. It is because we have to pay to AliExpress all in advance. As there is no option for incomplete payment, we hold the process of placing order till your advanced payment is confirmed.

1.4. If you use our services and order products through Orponbd.global, then the product will be received by Orponbd.global. You will get your product delivered by us. We will deliver you product by courier services to your address as soon as we receive you product from AliExpress.

2. Order Process:

2.1. The order is placed manually by us. It takes around 24 to 48 hours to place your order, but in case of any critical situation, ordering time may vary.

2.2. Order for short time discount offer can be placed within the offer’s timeline; we will not place the order once offer is expired. Order will also not be placed if high prices are observed than as mentioned, illegal products, high tax possibility, private shipping (i.e. DHL, DPEX, Aramex etc.), color/size mismatched.

Furthermore, if you will request any item that is more than 1.5kg in weight, we will not place the order. We will also let our customer know that we are not placing the order because of this particular reason. In case of providing refund, we will take maximum 7 days. Otherwise, you can place a new order and adjust the refund amount easily.

2.3. We will keep you updated throughout the process. ''Product Status’’ will be enough to be checked when you are ordering a single product, in other case we will keep you updated with ''Order Status'' update.

Updates are like:

Product Status:

Product status update will be of 5 stages as bellow

✔ Pending (After you request for order)
✔ Purchased (After placing order)
✔ In Transit (After proving the tracking id)
✔ Products Received (After we received the product)
✔ Delivered (After reaching you)

Product status will be shown ''Refunded'' in case of refund.

Order Status:

When you will order more than one product, individually for each product you will get "Product status update" and jointly you will receive different "order status updates like-

You will have “order status update” when you will place order for more than one products. It will be like as bellow-

✔ Pending (Until all the products being purchased)
✔ Processing (After purchasing all the products)
✔ In Transit (After proving the tracking id)
✔ Products Received (After we received the product)
✔ Delivered (After reaching to you)

3. Tracking:

3.1. We will send you a tracking number manually within 5/7 days after you request a purchase. Tracking number is accessed after the consignment of the product by the seller. It makes take more time in uncertain cases like vacation, shipment delay or big offers.

3.2. At times, tracking number won’t be accessible due to change in the name or products particulars by the vender. You will be updated after you collect the product.

These organizations may link to our home page so long as the link: (a) is not in any way deceptive; (b) does not falsely imply sponsorship, endorsement or approval of the linking party and its products or services; and (c) fits within the context of the linking party’s site.

4. Product Receive time:

4.1. How long it takes get receive you product?

It is contingent with the time allotted by AliExpress.

Generally, 40 to 50 days’ time is assigned by them. As per our experience, it takes around 20-30 days on average to receive the product delivered by AliExpress. Unregistered or untracked may get delayed and take 30-40 days.

4.2. It takes utmost 65 days for the products to be reached. You can claim the refund in case you don’t get your product delivered in this time frame. We suggest you be calm and cooperative in circumstances like special offer time, long vacation etc.

5. Tax-related Discussion:

5.1. We will add tax amount in the invoice when your product will be received, we will send you notification through email. You are required to pay us in advance before the delivery process.

5.2. You may ask that Why Orponbd.global is first paying taxes and then asking the customers to pay the amount?

Well, the tax needs to be paid immediately after reaching the product to the customs. It is because they do not keep the product for more than a day/ 24 hours. We pay the tax as when we receive the product, we must to pay the tax within 24 hours of receiving the product. At certain cases taxes appear completely unexpected. Therefore, we pay for the tax and later charge the customer to pay for tax as he/she has ordered it.

5.3. We will send you original tax receipt when we will delivery your product.

5.4. It’s almost impossible to estimate the amount of Tax for all products like smart watch, mobile phone, shoes, or heavyweight products etc. but we do have a little bit idea about that. Tax on various products depend and may appear without previous warning. This is why you have to pay the sum that is charged by the custom authority for your products during the clearance process.

We do not ensure that the information on this website is correct, we do not warrant its completeness or accuracy; nor do we promise to ensure that the website remains available or that the material on the website is kept up to date.

5.4. It’s almost impossible to estimate the amount of Tax for all products like smart watch, mobile phone, shoes, or heavyweight products etc. but we do have a little bit idea about that. Tax on various products depend and may appear without previous warning. This is why you have to pay the sum that is charged by the custom authority for your products during the clearance process.

5.5. We do not add the cost of tax during the order process. So, after getting a detailed notice from the Post Office, our users pay the tax. Whatever they charge for the clearance we are bound to pay that.

6. Product Delivery:

6.1. The delivery charge is not included in the invoice. So, the courier service needs to be paid after receiving the products. If the product is received by the Dhaka, they will charge 35-50/BDT only. If the product is received outside of the Dhaka, they will charge 100/-BDT. Charges are not fixed, it may depend on the courier service. They vary upon your product size. Furthermore, if the product is not received even after delivery, then you have to pay the return charge. Remember that, we do not have any pickup point or physical address. That is why, except home delivery through courier service, there is no alternative.

6.2. To send your products we use eCourier and Sundarban courier services. Our scheduled shipment days are every Monday and Friday.

6.3. Your order will automatically be delivered as soon as we receive your all products. You may have the option to request the delivery of the products that we would have received and rest of the products will be delivered afterwards. You have to pay courier charges every time.

7. Refund related:

7.1. According to the policy 4.2, you can claim the refund if you are not getting your ordered product within 65 days. At the same time we would also suggest our customers to be patient if there is some critical situation like natural disaster and long vacations etc.

7.2. You may claim a partial refund for damaged products, you have to send the proof like videos and still pictures.

7.3. In case you receive the right product but you just do not like that then there is no possibility of its return. It is because AliExpress is not having policy of returning products. For that reason, there is no chance of returning the product to us.

8. Support Policy:

8.1. You can have our customer care support by generating ticket on our website or you may request support on Facebook group/page. We do assist on-call support. You may call 09638333000 from 10AM-10PM.

8.2. In matter of support, you have to keep in mind that we assign one of our admin for every order. That particular admin is dedicated to help you with you assigned order number. That is the reason we suggest you to be patient and civil if some delay happens.

9. AliExpress Related Issue:

We are not responsible for the quality of products. We do not submit any review of any product. We suggest you to check reviews, rating and feedback of a product before placing the order. We do not offer any product warranty.

Orponbd.global reserve full right to change and modify these terms and conditions any time without prior notice. We will post the updated terms and conditions on our website if any changes are made. We recommend you to have up-to-date information though our website to not get in to any incontinence.